What's New in Q2 2023

Your quarterly round-up for all of Ui.Marketing’s releases and a sneak peek into what is coming next quarter!

:pencil: Orders

On May 16th, 2023, we made our biggest shift all thanks to you! We moved away from our previous support portal and into Ui.Marketing! Now all Proposals, Order Ticket communication, and Reporting takes place in a single location.

The Product Team also wants to say thank you for your great feedback regarding our platform. We are excited to begin working on your requests in the very near future to make Ui.Marketing even better!

Below are some releases that happened for Orders alongside our switch to the new Order Management System.

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Line Item CSV Download

CSV (1)

Now you can download your saved line item view into a .CSV file. This can be helpful to help analyze data or upload it into another location.

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External Pacing



External Pacing Metrics

You now have visibility into how their line items are pacing and no longer need to rely on your AM to send you manual pacing files.

This is not available for any Email, SEO, and line items that are 

billed on a flat fee.

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Enhanced Orders & Line Items Tables

We now use an updated design for our Order and Line Item tables. These tables allow you to…

  • Adjust the column widths

  • Sort by flagged line items

  • Apply sorting and column widths to saved views

  • Infinite scroll - no more going page to page!


Draft Line Items

You can now create your order and come back to it at a later time with Draft Line Items. This allows you to make changes to line items within an order prior to submitting that order.


A few other things we released in Orders…

:dividers: Admin


With the move to Ui.Marketing as our new OMS, we introduced Notifications! Now you will receive in-app notifications for messages, status changes, and when a CSV file is ready to be downloaded.





The Academy - Northpass


 launched our new LMS, The Academy. In The Academy, you will find the latest content, training videos, platform updates, webinars, and support articles.

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A few other things we released for Admin…

  • Partner/Division logo now appears on the sidebar

  • Listeners can now attach files to messages

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Reports

Removal of Heat Map



We no longer will have heat maps in reporting for all US-based campaigns. Instead of a heat map, you now see polygons by zipcode We will still have heat maps for any non-US campaigns.






:star_struck: What's Coming Next

Here is a sneak peek at some of what we got coming for you in Q3!

:leaves: Alt Network Reporting in Ui.Marketing and no longer an Additional Report

:tv: Addressable Streaming TV

:homes: Account Home Page

:no_entry_sign: Shutdown of Legacy

🌍 Facebook External Integrations

:open_file_folder: Enhanced Filtering on Order and Line Item Tables

:bookmark_tabs: Line Item Form Updates

:watch: Last Updated Timestamps


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