How to View Line Item Pacing

See how your line item is pacing within Ui.Marketing

A few notes before we show you how to view your line items and their pacing data: 

  • Data is up to date through the end of the day yesterday. Data is not in real-time. 
    • If you wish to pull pacing for last month, we recommend pulling it on the second day of the current month or later. This allows for any DSP data disruptions which usually occur during this time as all DSP users are pulling reporting at the same time. 
  • Pacing is not available for all products like Email, SEO, Owned & Operated, or any line item billed as a flat fee
  • Pacing is not available for line items with a status of "New"
  • Pacing is not available for line items that start in the future
  • You may see zeroes for pacing metrics that do not apply to the line item's product. For example, for any CPM-based line item, you will see $0.00 for the metric "Ordered Ad Spend" as this metric only refers to SEM and Social products. Please see Line Item Pacing by Product for which metrics apply to which products.
  • You may see previous months' pace at 100.00% exactly due to our team reconciling each month. This may be because we weren't able to fulfill that month or we spent too much and are adjusting the next month's budget. 
  • If you have any questions about your line item's pace, please reach out to your Campaign Manager via the Messages tab in that specific line item. Note that our Campaign Managers are constantly pacing their line items and will be able to answer any questions you may have. 


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