What's New in Q1 2023

Your quarterly round-up for all of Ui.Marketing’s releases and a sneak peek into what is coming next quarter!

📈 Reports 

Facebook Audience Chart

See a list of your Facebook Target Audience at the Ad Group level!


Learn more about Facebook Reporting

Link out to reports

Link to Reports from Orders and Line Items

Easily navigate to the Advertiser Summary in Reports from the Order or Line Item tables with this quick link-out.







🤩 What's Coming Next

Here is a sneak peek at some of what we got coming for you in Q2!

📃 Download Line Items into a .CSV

📚 Our new learning management software

📊 Alt Network reporting integration

🛑 Sunsetting of AdMix. Don’t forget to submit your campaigns by April 30, 2023

📝 Moving RFPs to Ui.Marketing

🛠️ Updated Orders Table

▶️ Starting work on external Google Ad Manager integration


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