The Academy

What is the Academy? Our courses await you!

We are excited to introduce our new Academy, tailored to grow your sales team's performance and mastery of every aspect of the digital sale.

Our new LMS is packed with features designed to sharpen your team's skills, improve productivity, and ultimately increase revenue.

Boost your team's confidence and sales with your new tools:

  1. Personal Dashboard: Each sales team member can track their progress and quickly resume their training, ensuring continuous skill development and a faster learning curve.
  2. Advanced Search Feature: Time is money, and our powerful search capabilities save your team valuable minutes by helping them find the needed resources without delay.
  3. Targeted Course Organization: Our courses are now organized with subcategories, allowing your sales team to identify and access relevant content tailored to their needs quickly.
  4. Quick-Start 101 Videos: Equip your sales team with essential product knowledge in just 5 minutes or less using our new 101 video series, covering all 17 of our products.
  5. Stay Ahead with Alerts: Keep your sales team informed about upcoming webinars and newly available documents, ensuring they stay updated on the latest strategies and market trends.
  6. Swift Support: Help your team overcome challenges and roadblocks by providing easy access to support articles, allowing them to get back on track without missing a beat.
  7. Advanced Reporting for Sales Managers: Gain insights into your team's performance and progress with in-depth reporting and analytics, empowering sales managers to make data-driven decisions.
  8. Focused Learning Paths: Sales managers can assign targeted learning paths and course bundles to each team member, ensuring they receive the training that is most relevant to their role and responsibilities
  9. All Collateral is 2023 Ready: All 400+ downloadable documents, case studies, and training videos contain the latest industry knowledge to keep your sales teams on the cutting edge of the ever-changing ad tech industry.

Investing in your sales team's development is a surefire way to boost revenue and stay ahead of the competition.

Our new Academy has been crafted to deliver an engaging and efficient learning experience that translates into real-world results.