Release Notes - 8/8/23

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Sprint O Release Notes



  • Internal Only: Support users will have the ability to enable products for certain advertisers within a division from a dropdown list during edit mode. After the selection of multiple or single advertiser(s), the dashboard will show the advertiser's name in a comma-separated alphabetized list.

Fixed and Updated

  • Under notifications, the ellipsis to “Mark all as read” now shows as clickable when hovering over with your mouse.

  • Now your notifications will appear with the same color and spacing across the various main tabs of Ui.Marketing (e.g. Orders, Reports, etc).

Advertising Products

Fixed and Updated

  • Internal Only: When adding a new product to an organization, the drop-down menu to select the product remains a fixed width and all users will see the entire list of products now that infinite scroll is enabled.



  • In Legacy, the home page no long has a button for “Order Tickets” which was linked to our old support portal.



Line Item From

  • In email notifications, users can now see who sent the line item message.

  • If a user is on a message and a new one comes in, it will automatically show and you no longer need to refresh the page to see the new message.

  • For Local and Organic SEO line items, the line item form has been updated to ask for additional relevant information:

    • Full Business Name

      SEO Form Updates
    • Business Address

    • Is this a service area?

    • Business Phone Number

    • Business Website

    • Operating hours

    • Advertiser email

    • Link to Google Business Profile Listing

    • Special hours (Holiday/ seasonal/ happy hour)

  • Web Dev and Local Presence will now have a different line item form.

  • Addressable Streaming TV and two other programmatic display products will now have the geofencing line item form.

Fixed and Updated

  • Users will no longer be redirected to the top of the message screen when going to the line item from Notifications.

  • Users that select a Flag Filter from the Line Items dashboard, and then Save the View, are now able to download a CSV that only contains those line items and not all line items.


Fixed and Updated

  • For Alt Network reporting, when downloading a CSV for a few charts, the CTR and Conversion Rates were showing as raw values (e.g. 115.72% was displayed as 1.1572). This has been adjusted and will now display the percent value.

  • Internal Only: The Alt Network pacing data discrepancy has been fixed.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • API Management

  • Proposals

  • Support

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