What's New in Q4 2023

Your quarterly round-up for all of Ui.Marketing’s releases and a sneak peek into what is coming next quarter!

:pencil: Orders

Last Message Timestamp

Users can now add a last message timestamp to their line item table which shows a timestamp of the last message sent on that line item. This column can be sorted and applied to saved views.

last message

User Profile Images in Messages

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 9.51.33 AM
On a line item message, users can now see their avatars and there is less white space between messages.

Order Details Column Sorting

When viewing Order Details, users can now sort specific columns and hover over line item names to display the full line item name.

Users can sort by Status, Start Date, End Date, Flag, and Name columns.

order details sorting

Advertiser Name and Line Item Name in Notificationsadvertiser-name-notifications


In the Notification Center, the Advertiser name and line item name will show on line item message notifications.

Bulk Messaging

Users can now send a message to multiple line items within an order using our Bulk Messaging function. Learn More >


:dividers: Admin

User Profile Page

Users can now access their User Profile. Within the User Profile, users can update their information, change their password, see their access level, and even add a photo! Learn More >

User Profile

Users' Profile Images in Notifications



Users' profile images will now be viewable from the notifications sidebar, as well as on notifications on the Account Dashboard.




Email Opt-Out Page

We have created a new email opt-out page. Users can access this page by clicking on the unsubscribe link in their email notification.


A few other things we released in Admin…

  • Division-level users can belong to more than one division. Admin-level users can update these settings. Please reach out to your Account Manager or Support to get your permissions updated if you’d like to belong to more than one division.

:mouse_three_button: Navigation

Account Dashboard + Homepage

Users now have a new Account Dashboard + Homepage. When you log in, you can easily navigate to other areas in the application. Quickly navigate to a Request a Proposal, Submitting a Support Ticket, and more! You also have a larger view of your notifications. Check it out!

Account Dashboard

Additional Pre-Sale Quick Links

Account Dashboard Quick Links Pre Sales
Pre-sales links have now been added to the Account Dashboard. This includes:
  • Local SEO Scan

  • Organic SEO Scan

  • Request Full SEO Scan

  • Web Development Pre-Sale

  • Search Engine Marketing Google Audit





New login screen

new login screen
Users now have a new, simplified, login screen.

A few other things we released for Navigation…

  • When a user types in “https://ui.marketing” into their browser, it now directs to our current application and not our legacy application. Legacy can still be accessed via the Legacy button on the navigation bar.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Reports

New Channels for Top Performing Channels Chart

More channels were added to the Top Performing Channels chart for Trade Desk campaigns mainly focusing on Streaming TV channels. Some of the new channels added or updated are Scripps, Paramount, Sundance TV, Tennis Channel, FuboTV, LinkedIn, and Haystack News.

Top Performing Channels

Facebooking Reporting - New Metrics

We recently moved Engagements into their own chart within Facebook reporting. This has allowed us to add two new metrics; Link Clicks and Reactions. Learn More >



:star_struck: What's Coming Next

Here is a sneak peek at some of what we have coming for you soon!

:writing_hand: New Proposal Path

:open_file_folder: Powerpoint Export

:notepad_spiral: Partner/Division Reporting Rollups

:electric_plug: External Integrations: Facebook + GAM

:octagonal_sign: Shutdown of Legacy


🎤 Don’t forget to join us for our second Quarterly Tech Talk on February 13th, 2024 at 11am MDT. We will demo everything we released and cover what’s coming soon in Ui.Marketing. Register Now >>


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