What's New in Q3 2023

Your quarterly round-up for all of Ui.Marketing’s releases and a sneak peek into what is coming next quarter!

:pencil: Orders

Message Updates

This quarter we saw a lot of amazing updates to Messages in Ui.Marketing!


Updated Text Formatting in Messages

We added some fun updates to text formatting within Messages including:

  • Change text color

  • Highlight text with different colors

  • Underline text

    text formatting


  • Hyperlinking

Draft Messages

Users can save a "draft" message to their line item. If they type in the message, leave the line item, and go back, their text will remain in the box.

message saves


Message Sender Added to Email NotificationsLine Item From

In email notifications, users can now see who sent the line item message.

We opted in all users to receive email notifications. If you wish to no longer receive email notifications, please submit a Support ticket.


Line Item Header Updates

Updated the header of the line item view to be more clear on what the different fields mean. In addition to the existing information (product, parent order, line item name), we now show the line item ID. 


Order Form Updates

We have updated a ton of forms for specific products including:Local & Organic SEO Order Form

  • Local & Organic SEO

  • Web Dev & Local Presence

  • Creative Services

  • Email Creative Templates

  • Addressable Streaming TV

Learn More >


A few other things we released in Orders…

  • No longer refresh your page to see new messages
  • Attachments can be added via drag-and-drop
  • On all products that have conversions, we now have a field to add your own conversion labels

:dividers: Admin

Mark All Notifications as Read



Now you can “Mark all as read” in your notification center by clicking on the ellipsis.



:tv: Advertising Products

Addressable Streaming TV™

We are excited to announce a new product that was launched, Addressable Streaming TV. 

Academy Course >

Press Release >

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Reports

Alt Network Reporting & Pacing

We have officially integrated with our Alt Network platform for reporting and pacing metrics. This is in lieu of having it as an additional report. Learn More >

alt network reporting


A few other things we released for Reports…
  • We stopped ingesting Google Analytics Universal Analytics data as of 7/1/23

:star_struck: What's Coming Next

Here is a sneak peek at some of what we have coming for you in the near future!

:house: Account Dashboard + Homepage

:bust_in_silhouette: User Profile

:octagonal_sign: Shutdown of Legacy Reports

:electric_plug: External Integrations: Facebook + GAM



🎉 Join us for our first Quarterly Tech Talk on Tuesday, October 24th at 11am MDT where we will showcase everything you read through here, answer any questions you have submitted, and cover what’s ahead for Ui.Marketing.

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