What's New in Q2 2024

Your quarterly round-up for all of Ui.Marketing’s internal releases and a sneak peek into what is coming next quarter!

:shopping_cart: Orders

Alt Network Targeting

Targeting is now available for our Alt Network products when creating an Order or a Proposal.


Clone Line Items

Q2 2024 Clone Line Items


Users can clone line items in the order creation step. 



Updated Filtering

q2-2024-filteringWe enhanced our filtering capabilities for Orders and Line Items as well as the look and feel. Below are some updates we made:

  • Filter straight down to an Advertiser (no need to input Partner or Division)

  • Filter by followers

  • Filters work together as AND statements to ensure you are finding exactly what you need

Don’t forget to save your view once you have the filters you want applied. That way you can come back to as frequently as you want.

A few other things we released for Orders…

  • For Email Template orders, the Template Layout question is now blank to start so users must select a template number.

  • Updated SEO terms and conditions were added to the order submission process.

  • Across the Order submission path, we have unique URLs.

  • Removed white space from the Orders and Line Items tables, as well as the Line Item view. This allows for more reading area on the table and within line items.

  • The “X” to clear all followers in the Follower dropdown menu has been removed. This will prevent issues with accidentally removing all followers from a line item.

:shopping_bags: Advertising Products

:tv: Streaming TV

Streaming TV Plus and Streaming TV Premium make Streaming TV simpler and allow you to reach your targeted audience regardless of device and on premium content.

Learn More >

:handshake: Managed Ad Ops (MAOS)

With MAOS, we can help publishers reduce their costs and increase productivity for their direct campaigns on their owned and operated websites. By letting us run these campaigns on our partners' behalf, we can increase fulfillment and CTR.

Learn More >

:pushpin: Local SEO Redesign

With the latest Local SEO redesign, partners receive a more customized approach to Local SEO with new product tiers and expanded features, including Google Business Review (GBP) and review responses for each tier. Learn more about all the new updates in our one-pagers here or view the Academy course.

:video_camera: Programmatic Video

To better reflect the true capabilities of our Pre-Roll product, we changed the name to Programmatic Video. When Pre-Roll first started, videos were truly shown before, pre-content. Now, we can serve videos, pre-, mid-, and post-roll. 

:pencil: Proposals

PowerPoint Proposal Tool

q2-2024-powerpointWe launched our newly redesigned Proposal tool with PowerPoint exports! Users are now able to create more proposals in less time with the efficiency gains of our new tool. We also offer completely customizable PowerPoint Proposal exports.

You can find all trainings in The Academy and other articles in our Help Center


Validation Indicators

q2-2024-line-ite-indicatorsA validation indicator (✅ or ❌) in the Proposal sidebar will indicate the state of their proposed line items. You may receive an error for your allocations not matching your totals or if the order does not meet our minimums.

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A few other things we released for Proposals…

  • Geographical targeting is automatically inherited from the original proposal when adding a line item to an existing proposal. Users can still update it to a different geographical target if they wish.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Reports

  • Period-over-period chart metrics are unchecked by default when sharing reports and downloading PDFs from Ui.Marketing.

:heart_hands: Support

Chat Widget

The chat widget is now located in the main left-hand sidebar navigation. Learn More >

:star_struck: What's Coming Next

Here is a sneak peek at what we have coming for you soon!

:desktop: Web Design Revamp

:Google_Ads: Google Performance Max

:shopping_bags: Cloning Orders

:floppy_disk: Saved Reports


✅ Stay up to date with all of our releases by reading our Release Notes in our Help Center