What's New in Q1 2024

Your quarterly round-up for all of Ui.Marketing’s releases and a sneak peek into what is coming next quarter!

:pencil: Orders
:dividers: Admin
💻 Advertising Products
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Reports
:star_struck: What's Coming Next

:pencil: Orders

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:dividers: Admin

Shutdown of Legacy Reports

As of 2/29/24, users are no longer able to access our Legacy Reporting dashboard.

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New User Password Requirements

Users are now required to follow our new, updated, password requirements:

  • Minimum of 12 characters in length

  • At least one lowercase and one uppercase letter

  • At least one number

  • At least one non-alpha character

Learn how to reset your password >

A few other things we released for Admin…

  • When a user updates their password, they will now see if that password has been breached on the internet.

  • Users are now limited to a maximum file size of 5MB for their user profile picture/avatars.

💻 Advertising Products

Microsoft Advertising (Bing)

We now offer Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing) as a product for Search Engine Marketing.

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:chart_with_upwards_trend: Reports

External Integrations

big-Integrations pendo.2.2024If you are running campaigns outside of AdCellerant, you can now link your Google Ad Manager, Facebook, Microsoft Advertising, and TikTok accounts to Ui.Marketing to have all of your reporting in a single place!

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Completed Views and Completion Rate

completed_views_reportsFor Alt Network and Facebook reporting, we now have completed views and completion rate metrics!


New Channels Added

We have added new channels to our Top Performing Channels chart for Display and Streaming TV products. Some of the channels added were Pac-12 Network, Big Ten Network, NewsNation, and over 30 local TV stations!

A few other things we released for Reports…

  • In the Product filter, “Bing” will now be called “Microsoft Advertising”.

  • In the Product filter, “Social” will now be called “Facebook + Instagram”.

:star_struck: What's Coming Next

Here is a sneak peek at what we have coming for you soon!

:tv: Streaming TV Premium and Streaming TV Plus

:scroll: New PowerPoint Proposal Tool

:card_box: Report Filtering Updates

:technologist: Managed Ad Ops

:desktop: Local SEO Updates

:e-mail: Email Reporting within Ui.Marketing


✅ Stay up to date with all of our releases by reading our Release Notes in our Help Center


Note: We are not going to be hosting a Quarterly Tech Talk to demo the above releases due to many new releases we have planned for you in Q2!