What's New in May 2022?

New product releases for May

Download CSV Feature Release       


Users now have the ability to download a CSV on a per chart basis once an advertiser and product are selected within reporting. The specific charts listed below now have download CSV functionality. The chart data downloaded is based on if a user only has an advertiser+product selected or if a sing

le campaign/ad group is selected from the left sidebar filter.

Data Charts within Reporting

Performance by Campaign

  • The Performance by Campaign chart will give a breakdown of the underlying campaigns or ad groups based on the selections made in the sidebar.


  • A geography/Locations chart is used to see the locations your advertisements are serving and how those ads are performing in each demographic location.

Top Performing Channels

  • The Top Performing Channels chart shows users how all of their advertisements are performing on different platforms.

Device Type

  • The Device Type chart will show the different types of devices that your ads are displayed on. Targeting based on device type optimizes ads served on specific device types.

Performance by Creative

  • The Performance by Creative chart is used to view all creatives running during the time period selected for that specific advertiser, campaign, or ad group and product selected in the sidebar.


  • The Conversion chart shows the post impressions and post-click conversions as well as the total conversions for all campaigns running under an advertiser during the duration of the time period selected. Users must select a campaign in order to enable download CSV functionality.


  • The Keywords chart allows users to see a table with all of their keywords, keywords can be grouped by similarities through the data set

Audience (Coming Soon!)

  • The Audience chart shows all audiences the platform targeted for the running advertisements during the set period of time.


  • The Fold chart represents where an advertisement is displayed on a user's webpage, anything displayed on the top half of a webpage—that does not require the user to scroll to view it—is considered above the fold.