What's New in July 2022?

New product releases for July, 2022

Deprecation of Legacy Email Ingests

Email reporting for all email campaigns sent on or after 8/15/22 will no longer exist in our legacy reporting starting 8/22/22. However, we will have new and enhanced metrics for email via a shareable link that will be provided to you after your email campaign has been deployed! We are working on a solution to integrate the data into our dashboard in the future.

Google Ads Reporting Geography Chart Update

Recently we received feedback about some inconsistent geographic reporting related to 1) clicks occurring outside the set geography and 2) an inconsistent representation on the heat map.
  1. Our engineering team identified and fixed a bug that caused clicks to show up in Europe versus the actual geographic location targeted by the campaign.
  2. Our engineering team is currently working on the heat map showing inconsistent locations for campaign targeting. This inconsistency is only map-related and not a representation of the actual campaign targeting used by our operations team.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our support team or connect with the chat widget in the lower right hand corner.

Enhanced Help Center for Ui.Marketing 

The support team is moving to a robust “Help Center” to enhance the experience of our partners using Ui.Marketing. On September 1st, 2022, we will adjust our Resource Center with links to easily access our new Help Center and submit IOs. This transition is in preparation for our goal of having one platform (Ui.Marketing) to manage all requests like proposals, orders, and reporting.