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What is Reach and Frequency?

Reach and frequency metrics for Display and Video campaigns.


The number of potential customers that will be exposed to a message through a particular media vehicle. Reach measures the number of potential customers who see/hear the advertising campaign.


The number of times the customers will be exposed to the message.

The higher the reach, the larger the number of people that see your message. The higher the frequency, the more times individual people see/hear your message. Reach and Frequency are inversely related – by increasing frequency, reach is reduced, and by increasing reach, frequency suffers. This is primarily a function of the budget – there’s a limited number of ads/exposures and decisions on how best to execute. The main objective of any advertising is optimal exposure.

We prioritize reach over frequency. Maximizing reach is a more difficult strategy to follow, requiring more effort in planning and audience acquisition. Determining the right audience is key. We start with a simple question – who? Who in your brand’s audience is going to consume the product or service being offered? Often this group is broader than you think and sometimes not who you expect.

For example, if your client is selling dog food, not only should we target users with pets and/or interested in pet food, but we should also consider adding some "Home and Garden" targeting segments. People who have pets may also be looking at and interested in home and garden websites/content because we can assume they own/rent a home with a backyard.