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What is a Device ID Back Geo?

Device ID Back Geo

Device ID (DID) back geo refers to the geographical constraints of a campaign, based on where users are located when the ad is served to them. For instance, one might target everyone who attended a particular rock concert but only want to target users who live in the city where the concert was held, excluding any visitors from out of town. The "back geo" will determine the geographical confines of where the is ad served according to the campaign goals.

For DID campaigns, we require what is called a "back-geo," and this is the area where the ads will run after the DID audience member leaves the location and goes home. With DID, we will serve to the audience members who have visited the specified list of locations, but the back geo tells us the exact geographic area we can target where these audience members might reside. 

The bigger the back geo, the better. Having a bigger back geo improves the overall reach of the campaign and we are then able to deliver the daily impressions required to deliver in full. We recommend a back geo of at least a DMA level.