Viewing and Prioritizing Feedback Requests

How to view and prioritize your Feedback Requests

Viewing and prioritizing requests

Once you have submitted a request or you want to see what other requests have been submitted by following the steps outlined above to Share Your Feedback but before you fill out the form, click Open in Portal:

Within our Feedback Portal you can do the following:

  1. In the Dashboard view, you can view your requests and prioritize them based on what is most important to you. 
    1. To prioritize your requests, simply just move the toggle on the priority bar with your cursor. Note, you can only have one top request. Your requests will then reprioritize themselves based on your top request. 
2. You can also view other requests from other users and upvote them if you agree they are important. 
    1. You can click on each request to learn more about that specific request. If you want to be kept informed about that request, click the thumbs-up button or Subscribe to this and you will receive an email notification whenever there is a new comment on the request and/or the status of that request changes. 
    2. You can also leave comments if you have similar feedback for that specific request.
    3. Using the left-hand menu, you can also see what requests have recently been Released and What’s Coming which are requests we are actively working on or that are in “Building” status. 

Status definitions

Below are definitions of each status a request can have within our Feedback Portal. 

Not Reviewed

The Product team at Ui.Marketing has not reviewed your request. Please allow at least 30 days (a month) for the Product Team to review your request and to update the status. 

Awaiting Feedback

This request is under consideration by the Product team but is seeking more feedback from other users. Please feel free to add your comments or use cases to help our team prioritize this request.


This request is on our roadmap but is not being actively worked on, yet. 


This request is actively being worked on in our current roadmap.


This request has been released and is available. The Product team will update your request and everyone who submitted similar feedback. 

On Hold

This request cannot be worked on at this time and is not in our current or future roadmap. This may also be feedback that is already apart of Ui.Marketing. 

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