Verifying Your Google Business Profile (GBP) Listing

New & Unclaimed Listings

Have a client that is new to Google Business Profile (GBP)? We're here to help. If they don’t already have a listing, we can set it up for them, but we will still need the client’s help verifying it.

Verifying Listings

Clients must verify their business listing to manage their business information for Google Business Profile and make sure that their listing profile appears on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties. It can be helpful to schedule a call with the client if we’re having trouble getting things verified. We cannot begin the campaign until you have a live, verified listing.

Most businesses are verified by mail with a verification postcard from Google. To send the postcard, we will need the name of the person it should be mailed to.

**Most postcards arrive within 14 days. The postcard includes a unique verification code that you must enter in your Google Business Profile to confirm that your business is located at the listed address. Please send us the verification code as soon as you receive it.

Some businesses can be verified by phone, text, or email. **Note: Some options are not available for certain businesses.

Via phone call

Google will call with an automated message that contains the verification code. The verification code needs to be entered into GBP within 30 minutes.

We can only verify via phone if the business does not have an automated answering setup.

Via text message

The phone number Google has on file must be a cellular device for this method to work. We cannot change this phone number. Once the verification code is sent, it needs to be entered into GBP within 30 minutes.

Via email

This option can only be used if the email domain matches what Google has on file.

Video Verification

If none of these options works, we can submit a request for video verification. Video Verification can be completed via a live video call with one of Google’s specialists from either the client’s physical workplace or their company vehicle. Please note that they must have a logo on their company vehicle or signage at their workplace to complete the verification via video.

In order to submit the request, we will need the following information:

  • Picture of the storefront clearly showing permanent signage

  • Picture of the storefront clearly showing address-adjacent storefronts and respective signage

  • Picture of storefront taken from across the street clearly showing address markers (e.g. street name signs and address numbers)

  • Date and time the client is available for the video call

  • Any other relevant proof, so make sure to highlight the faces that help your business operate


To maintain high-quality business info, Google may sometimes ask previously verified businesses to verify again. A change in info, specifically the address, for your business can trigger this re-verification.