Ui.Marketing Research Group

Shape the future of Ui.Marketing

By participating in our research group, you can help shape the future of Ui.Marketing products.

To sign up, fill out this short form at the link or at the bottom of this page.

What’s in it for you?

📣 Get the inside scoop from Ui.Marketing and hear what we're working on 👥 Connect directly with our Ui.Marketing product development teams
❤️ The opportunity to make an impact and enhance Ui.Marketing products 🎁 Thank you gifts such as gift cards, company swag, and other fun surprises

How does it work?

When you join the Ui.Marketing Research Group, you may join as participants in research projects that are relevant to you. We’ll invite you to this research via email and include all the details so you can decide if you’d like to take part. You can always say no to an invite and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Every research project is different, but you may be asked to talk to a researcher, screen share to show us how you use our products, use a prototype, or do something else.


Who may participate in the research?
We’re not just looking for people who love Ui.Marketing or even who use our products frequently. Anyone can sign up, and we will reach out when we find a project you can help with.

What do I receive for participating?
After participating in a research project, we may send you a thank-you gift (e.g., a gift card, swag, or something else). Gifts vary session by session, but we'll include the exact details in the email invitation, so you know what you’ll be eligible to receive before participating.

What will you do with my personal info?

Please take a look at our Privacy Policy for more detail.

Can I leave the research group?
Yes, your participation is voluntary, and you can leave anytime. Either unsubscribe from our emails or contact us at research@ui.marketing.

Any other questions? Please send them to research@ui.marketing.