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Which Ad Products are Best for your Client's Advertising Goals?

How to align your client's expectations with Ui.Marketing's ad product offering

Based on the advertiser's objectives, certain products show a higher success rate than others.  Below are common advertiser goals and best practices to accomplish each.

Goal or KPI:

> Note:  In addition to the above Goals and KPIs, we can drive foot traffic to a client's brick and mortar location.

Device ID Targeting (DID) is the most effective targeting strategy if the client wants increased foot traffic. DID campaigns are set up to serve ads to the devices that have visited the list of provided addresses/locations.  For DID campaigns, we can provide foot traffic attribution reports each month.  Foot traffic attribution reports show devices captured at the targeted addresses/locations that have also visited the client's location.

The goal is Awareness:

If the clients' goal is branding and impression delivery, any Display or Video Product will be the most effective targeting strategy.  Display (Basic, Competitive, Dominant) and Video products are high-funnel branding strategies.  These can fast-track brand awareness and deliver brand-specific imagery and messaging to the desired ad viewer through a uniquely curated and interested audience.   Even if the ad isn't clicked, the viewer is still exposed to the brand, which will be top of mind when they are ready to take further action.

The goal is Consideration:

If the client wants to drive ad clicks and traffic to their website, Behavioral, and Demographic Targeting is the most effective targeting strategy.  Custom audiences (first/third party) can target those who fall within the client’s ideal behavioral and demographic audience. Audience pools are often built based on client feedback and proven success; however, the Ui.Marketing team is happy to provide expert guidance.

The goal is Conversions:

If the clients' goal is conversions and website engagement,  Site Retargeting is the most powerful strategy. Site retargeting is a display advertising technique marketers use to reach people who have previously visited their website.  Retargeting is effective because it focuses your advertising dollars on ad viewers who are already familiar with your brand (by previously visiting your site) and has recently demonstrated interest. This is why most marketers who use site retargeting tend to see a higher ROI than most other digital channels at Ui.Marketing, site retargeting is included with our Competitive and Dominant display products.

To use Site Retargeting, a tracking pixel must be placed on the client's website.