The Benefits of using static ads in place of HTML5 creatives

Knowing HTML5s can be alluring, here are some things to consider before one over the other.

Stop and think about how you browse the internet. Really take a moment and think about the last time you shopped for that pair of shoes, watched a funny video or read an interesting article online. Now think about the ads that came across your device’s screen while you were browsing the internet. Were they animated or did they stand still? Did any catch your attention in a certain way? Did any ads negatively affect your experience?

 These are the questions, as a digital advertiser, you should consider when thinking about the overall user experience and how to best advertise your products or services. Providing a pleasing user experience is not only encouraged, it has been mandated by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Digital ads can no longer be the big, obnoxious, flashy ad units that could quickly make any webpage look like the side of a NASCAR racing car.

Depending on the ad campaign objectives, budget, and the message the advertiser is trying to get across, both HTML5 and static ads could work with what the advertiser is hoping to achieve. But there are a few things to consider here:

  • Static ads are cheaper and take a shorter time to produce overall than HTML5 ads.

  • HTML5 ads can be difficult to create and test for someone who doesn’t possess the necessary knowledge of the HTML language and its nuances.

  • Static ads have a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) than HTML5 creatives for all ad sizes, across all verticals - Google’s display standards have stated that static ads have a higher CTR than HTML5 by 71%.

  • Static ads take almost no time at all to load. HTML5 ads can take a longer time, thus making the user wait to see the product or service that is being offered. Users do not want to wait when they are scanning a webpage. As an advertiser, you have a limited amount of time to grab the attention of the user, so keeping digital ads simple and eye-catching is best.

Thinking about how users browse the internet and interact with digital ads is key to running a successful campaign. To stay competitive as an advertiser in the digital marketplace, it is best to be concise and choose static ads with a persuasive call-to-action. This will increase your CTR and improve upon the existing experience for your targeted users.