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SEM Campaign Process Workflow


  • Create proposal

  • Proposal presented/sold

  • Contract signed + one month prepaid

  • Send client Next Steps

Campaign Development

  • Submit IO in the Resource Center along with campaign goals

  • Search Team build-out process begins

  • Confirm tracking pixels are firing

Campaign Management

  • Deploy appropriate bidding strategy

  • Optimize keywords & ad copy

  • Summary reports are created upon request

Performance Review

  • Ensure performance aligns with goals

  • Review user search terms

  • Identify new opportunities


  • Adjust keywords & ad copy as necessary

  • Set KPI goals

  • Review budget needs

Optimization & Execution

  • Review in 30-day increments

  • Evaluate conversion actions

  • Mutual responsibility for all parties to ensure the pixel is firing

  • Communicate new opportunities for campaign success