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Review Responses for HIPAA Clients


  • Create a fresh – yet blanketed – response to all reviews

  • Understand the concerns of the patients (negative reviews)

  • Respond to all reviews (unless otherwise stated by the partner/client agreement) 


  • Use the word “you”

  • Use the reviewer’s name/username

  • Address any information within the review that may shine a light that the reviewer is a patient

  • Wish to “See them again.” or “Hope to hear from you soon.” or “Thank you for choosing {Business Name}!”



  • Knowing that we are providing our patients with the best in service and care is the greatest reward. Our team here at [insert company name] truly cares for our patients from the moment they walk through our doors until the next time we meet - we certainly hope this dedication shows!
  • The [insert company name] experience is for the whole family! We are here to ensure that each appointment goes smoothly; knowing that we provide this for our patients is extremely rewarding.”


Here are a couple of examples of responses that will both address the complaint but steer clear of any potential confidentiality claim:

  • "We care about our patient’s satisfaction and encourage our patients to contact us directly with any issues they have. However, due to our oath of confidentiality, we cannot respond directly to online reviews or disclose any information which may violate our patients' privacy.
  • We're always sorry to hear of any inconvenience faced by any of our patients or clients. We respect our patients' privacy, so it's our policy to deal directly with patient issues by calling the patient involved and resolving their issues in person rather than responding on a public forum. We're committed to providing outstanding service to our patients and would love the opportunity to show all patients quality and caring eye care experience.