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Review Requests Guide

This article discusses what review requests are and how your client will be alerted of receiving one

What are review requests?

Review requests are the process of generating more reviews on your online listings through Google and Facebook.

Why is it important?

87% of consumers read online reviews. Listings with more reviews typically get more clicks, and users tend to spend more time looking at those listings. Currently, reviews are the second biggest influencer of local rankings, which makes this an integral part of any local SEO strategy.

Reviews have grown in importance over the last few years – taking up 17% of ranking factors in 2021. Potential customers use reviews in their purchasing decision process and can help businesses maintain a positive brand image. The number of reviews, the recency of reviews, and the aggregate rating are all important factors in reputation management and online visibility.

When does it happen?

Once a quarter starting in Month 3 of the campaign.

How do review requests work?

A white-labeled email will be sent to a provided list of recipients, asking them about their experience. Recipients have the option to leave feedback instead of a review.

Can we do review requests for HIPAA clients?

At this time, we are unable to do so and will replace review requests with another task for HIPAA clientele. Please note that HIPAA clients can still respond to their own reviews.

Who responds to reviews and how?

The client is responsible for responding to their own reviews. They will want to log into the listing the review was left on and respond there. Responding to reviews shows potential customers that you appreciate their feedback and can allow you to respond and work through a negative review.

Note – we do have options available where we’ll respond to reviews on the client’s behalf.

What do we need?


  • A list of customers’ first names and emails sent to us in a .csv (required format) spreadsheet.

    • These should be customers who have interacted with the business in the last three months.

    • The list can be as small as one customer and cannot exceed 500 customers. In fact, we often see better results when clients send smaller lists of hand-picked contacts.

  • If the client is interested in customizing the wording, please provide the exact text to use for the items below.

    • Email Subject: (business name) would love to hear from you!

    • Email Heading: Thank you for your business!

    • Email Content: Thank you for your valued business with (business name). We'd love to know more about your latest experience with us. Please take a moment to leave us a review on Google.

    • Contact Us Button: Website URL for contact info

Who does the email come from?

A white-labeled email with Local SEO as the sender.

How can we generate more reviews outside of the quarterly requests?

  1. Ask customers directly for reviews after positive interactions
  2. Always follow up – people might not leave you the review on the first try, so always remember to send a follow-up a week later.
  3. Use the GBP review link or QR code everywhere
  • Add to the back of the business card

  • Put it on the bottom of receipts

  • Include it in your email signature

  • Add a link to newsletters or automated emails

  • Add a table card in your office/store/waiting room

  • Ask on social sites

  • Add to your website