Revenue Tracking via PayPal

How to Track Revenue via PayPal

When a user purchases something via PayPal, they have to leave the website to place the order. However, there is an option in the client's PayPal settings menu that allows you to set up an automatic redirect page when you’re setting up your product/service in PayPal.

If the client is using a redirect link within their PayPal settings menu, the user will see a message from PayPal after they've completed their purchase that says they're being redirected back to the client's site:

The client should put the Checkout conversion tracking (revenue tracking) pixel on the final purchase confirmation page that is on the client's site

Example: or

This is the confirmation/thank you URL the user will be redirected to after the client has updated their PayPal account settings.

Ensure the client understands that the platform may underreport the number of actual purchases from the client's ads. Some users will invariably close the PayPal tab before they get redirected. If the client's thank you/purchase confirmation page does not fully load, the pixel will not collect the revenue information for that conversion.

Most people should wait for the redirect page to finish loading to ensure they don’t miss any further instructions the client may have for them.