Release Notes - 11/16/23

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint U & V Release Notes



Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 9.51.33 AM

  • On a line item message, users can now see their avatars and there is less white space between messages. 



  • On an Order view, users can now sort specific columns and hover over line item names to display the full line item name.

    • Users can sort by Status, Start Date, End Date, Flag, and Name columns.

order details sorting


Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 12.53.47 PM

  • In the Notification Center, the Advertiser name and line item name will show on line item message notifications. Note: These will not appear when a Listener on a line item responds. We hope to have this released soon.



  • Internal Only: When Admin users create a new rate on a line item, it will auto-fill the previous billing type and rate to help prevent user errors when creating new rates.

Fixed and Updated

  • Users can now paste a hyperlink into the Link section of the Add Link pop-up in messages.

  • Messages no longer move/bounce around when an asset is downloaded from messages.

  • When switching tabs within a Line Item, the attachments will now remain within a draft message.

  • Users are now able to download files from older line item messages.

  • Internal Only: Products with more than two goal types no longer have issues saving allocations.



Account Dashboard Quick Links Pre Sales
  • Pre-sales links have now been added to the Account Dashboard. This includes:

    • Local SEO Scan

    • Organic SEO Scan

    • Request Full SEO Scan

    • Web Development Pre-Sale

    • Search Engine Marketing Google Audit



Fixed and Updated

  • The Account Homepage Quick Links area is now visible on all browser screen sizes.


Fixed and Updated

  • Internal Only: Admin users are now able to link their advertisers again to a DSP without viewing the organization hierarchy settings.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products

  • API Management

  • Proposals
  • Reports

  • Support

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