Release Notes - 10/4/23

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint S Release Notes



  • Users can now add a last message timestamp to their line item table which shows a timestamp of the last message sent on that line item. This column can be sorted and applied to saved views.

last message

Fixed and Updated

  • Users can now send messages on draft line items that include attachments. Previously, users who added attachments to a message, left the line item, and then came back, were not able to send a message.



  • Users now have a new Account Dashboard + Homepage. When you log in, you are able to easily navigate to other areas in the application. Quickly navigate to a Request a Proposal, Submitting a Support Ticket, and more! You also have a larger view of your notifications. Check it out!

account dashboard

  • Users now have a new, simplified, login screen.

    • new login screen
  • When a user types in “” into their browser, it now directs to our current application and not our legacy application. Legacy can still be accessed via the Legacy button on the navigation bar. 



  • Users can now access their User Profile. Within the User Profile, users can update their information, change their password, see their access level, and even add a photo! Learn More >

User Profile

Fixed and Updated

  • Internal Only: Editing a tiered rate at the division level no longer changes the rate at the partner level.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products

  • API Management

  • Proposals

  • Reports

  • Support