Release Notes - 9/5/23

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Sprint Q Release Notes



  • There is a new route when creating an advertiser from a new order.
new advertiser

  • Users can save a "draft" message to their line item. If they type in the message, leave the line item, and go back, their text will remain in the box.

message saves

Fixed and Updated

  • For longer messages, the message box becomes scrollable so users can still see the other messages in their line item.

  • Listener users are now able to download files from messages.

  • The Messages tab is now the default tab on a line item view unless messaging is disabled. It will then default to the General tab.

  • When creating a new order with multiple line items, the line item names will now update based on what line item you are viewing.

  • Message text is no longer lagging in the message box after a message is sent.

  • Internal Only: Line item notes are now displayed in the correct format.




  • The Legacy icon in the sidebar navigation now links out to the new legacy URL.


Fixed and Updated

  • [Legacy Reports] Users can now download a PDF of reports without it timing out.


Fixed and Updated

  • Users are now able to search with capital letters in search and drop-down menus.

  • Internal Only: Admin users who do not have the ability to edit a product can now expand tiered rates.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products

  • API Management

  • Proposals

  • Support

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