Release Notes - 8/22/23

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint P Release Notes



  • There is a new form for the following products:

    • Creative Services

    • Email Creative Templates

    • Web Development

  • On all forms that ask for conversion URLs, we now have fields for conversion labels to apply to your conversion URLs to make them easier to read. For example, would have a conversion label of, “Campaign Hub”.Conversion Labels

  • Internal Only: Admin users now have real-time campaign look-up when integrating the campaign to the line item.

Fixed and Updated

  • All users should be able to add followers to line items.

  • If a product does not have a Messages tab, it will now default to the General tab.

  • Users can now view more than 25 messages on smaller screen sizes.

  • CSV downloads from the Allocations tab now includes clicks.


Fixed and Updated

  • The geographical targeting will now stay if you are viewing a previously created proposal.



  • Internal Only: Salesforce scripts in the Legacy application have been shut down.

  • Internal Only: Internal Tools has been removed from the Legacy application.

  • Internal Only: Support will now be able to create and edit top-level products.

Fixed and Updated

  • Internal Only: Admin users can now add integrations at the advertiser level.

  • Internal Only: An integration at the advertiser level will now appear after refreshing/switching between tabs within an advertiser.

  • Internal Only: When editing an advertiser with existing/linked integrations, users will no longer get an error if a user clicks into the greyed-out 'Advertiser ID' field and then clicks out.

  • Internal Only: The Advertiser level product table auto-sorts alphabetically by product name on page load, consistent with other Hiearchy product pages.

  • Internal Only: Admin users can now set a product to be enabled at the Org level only.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products

  • API Management

  • Navigation

  • Reports

  • Support

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