Release Notes - 7/25/23

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint N Release Notes




  • Now you can “Mark all as read” in your notification center by clicking on the ellipsis.

  • Internal Only: Updated the ordering of Class, Line, and Type in the form to create a new advertising product.

  • Internal Only: Updates to users in the Legacy user management frontend will no longer sync to Ui.Marketing via FusionAuth. Users in Legacy will be managed separately from Ui.Marketing and will need to be treated as entirely separate entities.

  • Internal Only: Users are now being redirected to the edit advertiser page upon the creation of a new advertiser.

Advertising Products


  • Addressable Streaming TV is now available to order in Ui.Marketing. Learn More >>

  • Internal Only: Addressable Streaming and two other products were updated to have the Geofencing General Line Item Form. Essential Program, Standard Program, Premium Program, Ultimate Program, and LocalPresence were updated to have the LocalSEO General Line Item Form.



  • Additional text formatting has been added to messages including:

    • Change text color

    • Highlight text with different colors

    • Underline text

text formatting
  • You can now hyperlink URLs in your messages.

  • Updated the header of the line item view to be more clear on what the different fields mean. In addition to the existing information (product, parent order, line item name), we now show the line item ID.



Fixed and Updated

  • Line item IDs are no longer displayed as dashes in exported CSV files of saved line item views.

  • We implemented a hotfix where Admin users were not able to integrate campaigns.


Fixed and Updated

  • Logos will now display on PDF exports of Proposals regardless of how long a user has a tab open in their browser.



  • CTR has been added to the Alt Network Geo Chart.

    Alt Network Geo CTR
  • The conversion rate has been added to Alt Network Geo Chart and Performance by Campaign/Ad Group only when there are conversions.

    Alt Network Conv Rate

Fixed and Updated

  • Internal Only: TTD data for 6/26/23 has been fixed and retroactively updated for days delayed in Tableau.

  • Internal Only: Updated Google cost data in Tableau to be more accurate.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • API Management

  • Navigation

  • Support



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