Release Notes - 7/11/23

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint M Release Notes


Fixed and Updated

  • We fixed the hyperlinks in our email notifications for line items that were encoded and showing a 404 error.
  • Listener users with a “+” in their email addresses are now able to access conversations.
  • Internal Only: Fixed an issue that was causing a lag on the page when disabling products.



  • Removed the outdated support link from our Legacy application. All support requests should go through Help Center 



  • Internal Only: When campaign names change in the DSP, the Integrations tab on the line item will automatically update with the new name. 

Fixed and Updated

  • Users are now able to download all file types from the line item Messages tab.
  • Users can now search for an advertiser properly and create a new advertiser from our new order submission workflow.
  • Users can now download a saved line item view CSV with product filters applied.
  • When downloading a saved line item view CSV file, users will now see the correct data/filters applied in the CSV.
  • Assignee user types can now be added as a follower on line items.
  • Certain words (e.g. “once”, etc.) are now searchable in the Partner, Division, and Advertiser dropdowns. 



  • When generating a PDF proposal, the proposal tool will no longer choose sales materials for you based on the products in the proposal. 

Fixed and Updated

  • Certain words (e.g. “once”, etc.) are now searchable in the Partner, Division, and Advertiser dropdowns.
  • Users can now download PDF sales materials in the proposal tool with the latest Google Chrome update. 



  • We will no longer be ingesting Google Analytics Universal Analytics data as of 7/1/23. This is due to the switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).
  • Alt Network reporting is now available as a standard report in lieu of an additional report. Learn more

Fixed and Updated

  • Non-Ui.Marketing users and non-logged-in users can now download a PDF of a shareable link. 

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products
  • API Management
  • Support

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