Release Notes - 6/28/23

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint L Release Notes



  • Internal systems: Disabled the automated data push from Internal Tools to Salesforce.

  • Internal systems: We now have access to flag statuses in Tableau.

  • Internal systems: Disabled the ability to access our internal tools.

Fixed and Updated

  • Adjusted the area where users were able to make permission selections too far to the right of the permission checkbox.



  • Assignee-level users now have the ability to submit feedback directly from the sidebar navigation.



  • To keep data secure we have now masked user email addresses on the requester and follower drop-downs when searching for users to add to line items. We have also added a hover state to see user information for requesters and followers.

  • When you are submitting a new order and viewing or editing an order, users can see the partner, division, and advertiser associated with the line item. Admin users can click on the hierarchy to view it in Admin in a new tab.

  • The entire message box in a line item now accepts drag-and-drop images. Previously, users had to drag and drop over the paper clip icon or click on the paper clip icon only.

Fixed and Updated

  • Added EST as a selectable timezone on the email order form.

  • Fixed an issue where users were missing dates and status information on the orders screen after submitting in the new order submission flow or when editing the order.

  • Users can now bookmark saved order and line item views.



  • Audit requests and SOV estimate requests were removed from all areas of the proposal application.

  • When using Google Chrome’s browser, you will no longer be able to include sales materials in your Proposal PDF. This is due to the most recent Chrome update. With that, we have removed the automatically selected sales materials based on the products in the proposal. To download a PDF Proposal with sales materials, please use any other browser besides Chrome.



Fixed and Updated

  • Fixed an issue where data was not loading in shareable link reports for logged-out users for SEO, SEM, and Trade Desk products.

  • Users are now able to view reporting on mobile devices using iOS and in Safari on desktops.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products

  • API Management

  • Support


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