Release Notes - 6/26/24

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint L Release Notes



  • We have removed white space from the Order and Line Items table view as well as the Line Item view. This allows for more reading area on the tables and within line items.

  • The “X” to clear all followers in the Follower dropdown menu has been removed. This will prevent issues with accidentally removing all followers from a line item.

Fixed and Updated

  • Clicking on “View Line Items” from the Orders table now takes users to the correct filtered line items on the Line Items table.

  • Draft line items are no longer duplicating when editing followers on orders with 25 or more line items.

  • External users can now send a message (single or bulk) and the Awaiting Response flag will immediately show.

  • All applicable users now appear in the Followers and Requester dropdown menus.

  • (Internal Only): Users can now add Allocation rows to line items without the rows rearranging.

API Management


  • ExternalId can now be set on Proposals via the External API.



  • "Pre-Roll" is now called "Programmatic Video" in Proposals and in the PowerPoint export. 

Fixed and Updated

  • Users with the appropriate permissions can now edit the flat fee of an Email product in Proposals.

  • The correct rate tier will now appear based on what a user adjusts the Budget input to.



  • “Pre-Roll” is now called “Programmatic Video” in Reports.

Fixed and Updated

  • Users will now long see their Divisions within their Partner in Reports filtering.

  • Facebook + Instagram creative ad metrics are now populating.

  • Internal Only: When enabling “External Integrations” for a user, the notification will appear and the toggle will move over to “enabled”.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Admin

  • Advertising Products

  • Navigation

  • Support

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