Release Notes - 5/29/24

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Sprint J Release Notes



  • We now have unique URLs across the order submission path.

  • Users can clone line items in the order creation step.

    Cloning Line Item

Fixed and Updated

  • Saved view unique URLs can now be bookmarked.

  • When viewing a saved view, if a user opens a line item and then clicks “Back to line items”, it will take them back to that saved view.

  • Internal Only: On the Line Item, when you add in a partner and then add in an advertiser filter, it will filter for that advertiser.



  • Internal Only: Tableau users will now have the ability to see the Order Created Date and Proposal Date within the “tableau_line_item_view” table.





A validation indicator (✅ or ❌) in the Proposal sidebar will indicate the state of their proposed line items. You may receive an error for your allocations not matching your totals or if the order does not meet our minimums.

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Fixed and Updated

  • The click guarantee is now showing the correct percentage on PowerPoint exports.

  • Internal Only: Additional logging has been added to the Proposal PowerPoint export to be able to track issues with exports in the future.


Fixed and Updated

  • Streaming TV PDF downloads will only display items a user selects.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products

  • API Management

  • Navigation

  • Support

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