Release Notes 5/14/24

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Sprint I Release Notes



  • Internal Only: Users are now able to select "Monthly MGMT Fee ONLY" for the billing tab in a line item when the product is set up within a hierarchy to have the billing type "Monthly MGMT Fee ONLY".

Fixed and Updated

  • All new users should be available for selection in the 'Followers' and 'Requestors' dropdowns.

  • Internal Only: The line item Assignee filter is no longer displaying all users. It now displays only Admin or Assignee users.



  • Internal Only: Users are now able to configure Adv. Product rate cards for a particular hierarchy to have "Monthly MGMT Fee ONLY" as the Billing Type.

Fixed and Updated

  • Internal Only: When a user searches within the user table, the pagination left and right arrows will no longer appear if there are fewer than 50 results.

  • Internal Only: When a new hierarchy is created, products will now appear when creating an order.

  • Internal Only: "Enable for Org Only" now works and was previously not working with the new hierarchy rate edit user interface.

Advertising Products


:handshake: Managed Ad Ops Service (MAOS)

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  • Internal Only: When Proposals are created with products that are "Monthly MGMT Fee ONLY", the user interface shows Retail Mgmt Fee Percentages and Proposed Ad Spend.

Fixed and Updated

  • When a user clones a line item in a proposal, a browser refresh is no longer required for the line item to appear.

  • When a user submits a proposal to an order without a note, a blank note will no longer be sent to the line item. A note will only be sent through to the line item if a note is entered on the proposal.

  • When adding products to a Proposal, the full product name will appear when hovered over.

  • Proposals containing email line items will now apply the correct tiered rate.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • API Management

  • Navigation

  • Reports

  • Support

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