Release Notes 3/19/24

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint D & E Release Notes


Fixed and Updated

  • When a user clicks “download” on the assets tab, the next screen will now load.

  • Users can now download attachments in either the Assets tab or Messages with the attachments pulling through.

  • The “Send Message” button in Messages is now in the same location for all user types.

  • Users are no longer able to create a new advertiser if one already exists with the same name.

  • When a user sends a bulk message, it will no longer be sent on products that do not have messaging enabled.



  • Internal Only: Admin users can add Audience Targeting inputs to advertising Products for both Proposals and Orders.

Fixed and Updated

  • When a user exports a CSV file out of Ui.Marketing, the email link will now expire in seven days (previously expired in five minutes).

Advertising Products




We now offer Microsoft Advertising (Bing) for SEM. Learn more >





Fixed and Updated

  • Regardless of user browser state, users can now clone proposals without making multiple duplicates.






  • External Integrations settings will now show “Microsoft Advertising” instead of “Bing” and “Facebook + Instagram” instead of “Facebook”.
  • In Reports, in the Product filter, “Bing” will now be called “Microsoft Advertising”.
  • In Reports, in the Product filter, “Social” will now be called “Facebook + Instagram”.

Fixed and Updated

  • Google Products (SEM, Google Display, YouTube) are no longer showing “disabled” on the download PDF menu.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • API Management

  • Navigation

  • Support

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