Release Notes 2/7/24

Learn what we released, fixed, or updated.

Sprint B Release Notes

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Fixed and Updated

  • The line item message tab now loads all messages even if a file that was uploaded is corrupt.

  • Hyperlinked text is now opening in a new tab for notifications or line item messages.

  • When creating a new order, a user will no longer see an invalid error message when adding followers to a line item.


Fixed and Updated

  • Newly created multi-division users now appear as requesters for an order.

  • The user profile page can now be accessed from the Account Dashboard when clicking on the user’s avatar.

  • For some users, they can now see new notifications appear and show in the sidebar on the notification bell for new messages.

  • Internal Only: Users On certain tables users can now sort columns alphabetically regardless of capitalization. Special characters are excluded.

  • Internal Only: The email notification when assigned a line item now says, “Hello! You have been added as the assignee on a line item.” This was updated from, “Hello! We would like to inform you that your line item has a new assignee.”

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products

  • API Management

  • Navigation

  • Proposals

  • Reports

  • Support

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