Release Notes 1/10/24

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Sprint Y & Z Release Notes

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  • Internal Only: When Admin users update the requester on an order, they can now apply this to underlying line items. Additionally, users can bulk change requesters on line items from the order view.

Fixed and Updated

  • Partner and Division-level users can be now added as followers and requesters to Line Items and Proposals.

  • When editing an Order or Line Item name, the text field now expands to the entire width of the view.

  • Assignee and requester inputs are now included in Line Item CSV exports.

  • Internal Only: Admin users are now able to download assets from the “Assets” tab within a line item without receiving an error message.


Fixed and Updated

  • Logos are now appearing on shared links.



  • We have created a new email opt-out page. Users can access this page by clicking on the unsubscribe link in their email notification.


  • When a user updates their password, they will now see if that password has been breached on the internet.

Fixed and Updated

  • Internal Only: Organizational integrations now accurately show the number of connected advertisers per platform.

  • Internal Only: Admin users can now access all “Divisions” from the list of divisions when selecting multi-divisions user access.

Products with no updates this sprint

  • Advertising Products

  • API Management

  • Navigation

  • Proposals

  • Support

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