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Primary Navigation

How to Navigate the Primary Menu

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  • Ui.Marketing Logo

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      When clicked, the logo redirects to a dashboard where you can easily access orders, proposals, line items, and view recent notifications.

  • Orders

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      If a user clicks on the Orders icon, the following selections appear in the top portion of the secondary navigation sidebar

      • Proposals

      • Orders 

  • Reports

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      When a user clicks on the Reports icon they will be able to filter by division and advertiser to view reporting data. 


  • Legacy

    • When a user clicks on the Legacy icon, a new tab will open with our Legacy URL

  • Lower portion of the Menu
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    • When a user clicks on the bell icon, they will be able to view all of their notifications, and filter by unread notifications
    • The graduation cap icon will lead to our Academy, an engaging and efficient learning experience
    • In the bottom left corner you will find your account icon where you can click to access your profile, or logout of Ui.Marketing. 
  • Support

    • When a user clicks on the Support icon the user will be presented a menu list of the following options:

      • Announcements

      • Onboarding

      • Visit our Helpful Links

        • Help Center

        • Feedback Portal

        • Order Tickets

        • Knowledge Base

      • Share Your Feedback

      • Submit a Support Ticket

      • Local SEO Scan