Pixel Request and Placement

Are you looking for our team to create a pixel for you? Reach out to our Product Support team!

What type of pixels can you request? 

  • Master Universal Pixel 
    • A pixel across multiple sites
  • Advertiser Universal Pixel 
    • A pixel that tracks across all pages on a site 
  • Static Pixels 
    • A pixel that tracks a single button click or action 

Can you assist me in placing the pixel on my client's website? 

Yes - our Product Support team is happy to assist you in pixel placements. You can submit a Support Ticket here

What do I need to submit a Pixel Placement Form? 

Our team needs the following information to place a pixel on your client's website:

  1. Login URL for the site
  2. Admin username password
  3. The pixel that needs to be placed

Note: If the client doesn't feel comfortable sharing access to their website, we can always hop on a call with them and walk them through how to place it! We will just need to know what website platform they use.