Pixel Placement on Wix

How to Place a Pixel on Wix

Use Tracking Tools to embed custom code snippets or to implement free or untested code in your Wix site. 

Please note, this feature is only available for websites with a connected domain

Important: For your code to work properly, it must be enclosed in 2 angle brackets, for example < your code here >. If your code does not begin with an opening angle bracket < and end with a closing angle bracket > it may display as plain text on your site. 

How to Add Your Custom Pixel Code to Your Website

  1. Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Tracking Tools under Advanced Settings.

3.    Click + New Tool and select Custom from the dropdown.
4.     Set up your custom code:
    • Enter your custom code.

    • Select the relevant domain.

      • Note: This option will appear only if you have multiple domains.

    • Enter a name for your custom code.

    • Add Code to Pages: Select which pages to add your code to:

      • All Pages: Click the dropdown to select an option:

        • Load code once.

          Load code on each new page. Click here to learn more about this option.

      • Choose specific pages: Begin typing the name of the relevant pages and then click the checkbox next to the relevant page.

    • Place Code in: Select where the code snippet in placed in your site's code:

      • Head

      • Body - start

      • Body - end

        • Note: If you're not sure where to embed your code please refer to the third-party's guidelines.

Note: Wix does not provide support for technical difficulties associated with third-party code snippets. If you are experiencing an issue with your code snippet, please contact the provider directly.