Pixel Placement on Ticketmaster

How to Place a Pixel on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is now integrated with a pixel implementation program called Fan Builder. Fan Builder makes it incredibly easy to place various pixels on a Ticketmaster page, and we do not necessarily need to have it placed on a Confirmation page. Please see the Fan Builder pixel menu here:

The client must contact a web manager at Ticketmaster (this web manager should have access to the Fan Builder menu above). The client will then need to send Ticketmaster the static pixel (provided by your campaign manager), and the Ticketmaster web manager will be able to add the Advertiser ID, the Content ID, and whatever dynamic parameters the pixel is tracking via macros in the drop-down menu (Revenue, Quantity of Tickets Sold, etc). 

Once the pixel is placed, fires should come through in the DSP under the static pixel. Please note, it can take up to an hour to see pixel fires come through after it's placed - if it's placed correctly. 

You can also read this blog post for further information on Fan Builder.