Pixel Placement on Ticketmaster

How to Place a Pixel on Ticketmaster

Step 1: Copy and adjust the following code:

https://tradablebits.com/pixels/[ACCOUNT #]/event?event_name=purchase

Replace [ACCOUNT #] with the unique account number found on your Tradable Bits platform.

The "#" sign does not need to be included.

Edited Code: https://tradablebits.com/pixels/7177060/event?event_name=purchase

Step 2: Log in to your Ticketmaster Account.

Now log into your Ticketmaster One account. Within Ticketmaster One click on FanBuilder in the menu. You will have to add a Sales Tracker to each individual purchase event on your Ticketmaster account in order to track sales correctly.


Step 3: Select the "Add New Pixel Tracking" button

Select the 'Add New Pixel Tracking' button. Make sure that you're adding the pixel to the confirmation page of that event.



Step 4: Choose the Dates

Select today as the start date and a date in the future as the end date



Step 5: Select your Pixel Vendor

For the Pixel Vendor, select 'Custom'.

Step 6: Select "Image Tag"


Step 7: Paste the Pixel Code

Paste the Pixel Code into the 'Starting URL' text box. A Preview of the code will then appear in the 'Pixel Code Preview'.


Image Code Example:

< img src="https://tradablebits.com/pixels/7177689/event?event_name=purchase"/ >


Step 8: Set Custom Parameters

Below in the Custom Parameters section write in event_amount and from the dropdown to the right, select ‘Face Value’. Additionally, in the Custom Parameters section, write in order_key and from the dropdown to the right, select 'Order Confirmation Code'


Now you're all set! Contact your ads manager or your customer success manager to make sure your pixel is setup properly and firing.