Pixel Placement on Eventbrite

How to Set Up a Static Image Tracking Pixel on Eventbrite

Static Pixel Placement on Eventbrite

If you use a service that uses a simple image pixel, find and copy your pixel URL. Then set up a simple image pixel by going to "Tracking pixels" (under "Marketing") in your Eventbrite event. Work with your pixel provider to confirm your pixel is firing.

  1. Go to your Event Dashboard.

    Go to Manage my events in your account. Then select your event.
  2. Go to "Tracking pixels" (under "Marketing").
  3. Select "Add new pixel" (under "Simple image pixel").
  4. Choose between "This event" or "All events".

    - This event: This pixel will only be on your current event. It won’t be added to any new events if the event is copied in the future.
    - All events: This pixel is on all events on your account, including events you create later.
  5. Click "Add conversion event".
  6. Choose where you want the pixel to fire.

    - Event listing: when attendees visit your event page
    - Event register: when attendees view the order form
    - Event order confirmation: when attendees complete a purchase
    - Reserved seating pick a seat: when attendees choose a seat for a reserved seating event
  7. Copy and paste your image URL.

    Review your pixel code and locate the image URL. This URL always starts with "https://" and is the full URL in quotes after “src =” in your image pixel code.

    For example, in the following sample code, the image URL is "https://abcdefg.1234.net/tracking".

    <iframe src="https://abcdefg.1234.net/tracking" width="1" height="1" frameborder="0" style="display:none"></iframe>

    NOTE: This is just a sample. Your image pixel URL will vary based on your pixel provider.
  8. Optional: Modify your image pixel URL to collect more information.
    To collect more information, set your pixel to fire on Event order confirmation. Then, include one of these three strings in the URL. Eventbrite will automatically substitute the correct value at the time of purchase:

    - ORDERID: The order ID for this transaction.
    - ORDERTOTAL: The total amount charged to the customer. This will be 0 for free orders.
    - ORDERCURRENCY: The currency used for the order, like USD, GBP, or CAD.

    Strings are not case sensitive. Work with your pixel provider to determine the best settings for your pixel.
  9. Click "Save".