Order Management System FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Order Management System

Overall Questions:

  • I do not see a description/notes box. Will this be added?
    • You can enter any additional details about your order under the Targeting tab in the text box.
  • What happened to all of my orders in the Resource Center/Zendesk?
    • We will be migrating all live or pending orders from the resource/center/zendesk into the new OMS. Each line item will be moved over and include an attachment on the assets tab of historical conversation/data. If you believe you are missing a line item, please submit a support ticket.
  • Will you be moving over older tickets?
    • We are currently only moving over open tickets into the OMS, if you would like an older closed item to be migrated over, please submit a support ticket or reach out to your AM
  • How do I submit feedback?
    • In the sidebar of the OMS, click the “?” icon and select “share your feedback”. This will go directly to our product team to review and prioritize. Help Center Article
  • How do I ask for help?
    • In the sidebar of the OMS, click the “?” icon and select “submit a support ticket” this will allow you to submit a question to our support team. You can also utilize the help widget on the bottom right corner of the screen to live chat with one of our product support representatives. How to submit a support ticket
  • Will this impact the email communication chains we have used in the past when communicating in the ticket?
    • This will be a new conversation thread. However, we will add the historical conversation to the ticket so you can reference it going forward if needed.
  • If we have custom pricing on products. Does this pricing transfer to the new orders system?
    • We have updated all your rates in the back of our system for your custom products, so it should pull in correctly automatically!
  • Is a saved view only for my account, or will it change for every user in my company?
    • Your saved view is only for your account and is not shared with other users.

Order Questions

  • How do I upload new creatives?
    • Creative assets can be uploaded in the 'Messaging' tab.
  • How can I see the budget or impressions running for my line item?
    • The allocations tab will show you the amount you have purchased and how it is allocated over the lifetime of your line item. Please note any budget fields are for ad spend in the platform, it does not include any management fees.
  • How do I know if my order is live?
    • All live orders will be in the 'Live' status. Users are able to filter by status to see a complete list of all live line items.
  • Is the budget I see in the Orders tab for SEM the retail budget or the ad spend?
    • The budget listed for SEM is ad spend, not the retail budget for your campaign.
    • This number does not include any management fees or additional charges on top of ad spend you may be charging the advertiser.
  • Do we add allocations per calendar month or per any 30 days?
    • By default, we will break out your allocations by calendar month, but you can choose specific dates and how many impressions are allocated to those dates on any days you'd like.
  • When would we use this new "New Order" process rather than the previous "New Proposal" process?
    • You can use either path! If you need a proposal or would like to use the targeting tools inside of our proposal tool, you can use that as normal and submit the proposal into an order. The new order process is for quickly getting the order into the system if you do not need a proposal or if you know what targeting you need and don't need the proposal tool's targeting assistance.
  • How do we select all of the targeting options like content targeting, behavioral targeting, demographics, etc.)?
    • You can still do this under the proposal tool and simply submit that proposal as an order. This "New Order" system simply lets you skip that step if you know exactly what targeting you want and don't need a proposal or the targeting assistance of the proposal tool.
  • Do you still confirm the budget or spend before submitting the order?
    • We show totals on the allocation screen of the line item. Our operations team will still confirm this information before going live.
  • If we have a client with several different campaigns, how can we name them to differentiate one from another to pull performance data?
    • On the order submission step, there is a pencil icon next to the name; you can rename it there. You can also make updates to the name after it is submitted.
  • If we need to update the budget or allocations to the campaign after launching it, where do we do that?
    • Simply do it in a message! The allocations tab is only used when creating a new order, or you are adding a completely new line item.
  • Can we save an order that we put in even if we don't yet have all the assets we need for the campaign yet?
    • Yes, you can! However, the line item cannot go live, and the turnaround time will not start until we receive these assets.

Messaging Questions:

  • Who receives a notification? 
    • Only users who are the assignee, follower, or requestor get a notification about a line item update. 

  • How do we CC people in our organization on a line item so that they are notified of future updates on this line item?
    • You can add followers or listeners at the top right corner while creating the order, and you can also add them after it is submitted by clicking on the line item and using the buttons on the left side.
  • How are we notified of messages about our line items?
    • You will receive an email notification, and you will also get a notification that looks like a red dot with a number inside of it in the sidebar on the bottom-left of the Ui.Marketing screen.
  • Will we have the same type of message access when we are requesting a proposal?
    • Yes!
  • Will you be able to renew an ended order?
    • Yes! You can request this over the messaging of the line item.

Creative services

Are Creative Services for display only? How do I order Creative Services for Email?
    • For email creative, do you have to go under the Product Class Email Email Template Build to request email creative. 
    • Communication with the email creative team will happen under the messages tab.
    • Please ensure all creative assets are uploaded to the asset tab so the team can start working on your creative.