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Native Product and Creative Specifications

What is Native?


Native advertising is a type of display advertising that dynamically changes how the creative is displayed to mimic the content of the particular page on which the creative is being served. In most cases, targeting is limited to the available contextual categories (e.g. Sports, News, Health and Beauty, etc.) provided by the suppliers who provide the option for Native ads on their site. 

Native Specs:


  • Main Image: 1200x1200 pixels recommend (minimum 1200x627 pixels)

    • File Size: Under 1MB

    • We always suggest sending 3-5 images for consideration

  • Logo: transparent and 200x200 pixels in a PNG file

    • Recommended: 2 versions (light & dark)

  • Landing Page URL


  • Short Title: 25 characters or fewer (required)

    Long Title: 90 characters or fewer

    Short Description:  90 characters or fewer (required)

    Long Description: 140 characters or fewer

    Call to Action: 15 characters or fewer (required)

    Sponsor/Brand/Advertiser Name: 25 characters or fewer (required)

Note: All character count limits include spaces. For example, the phrase "Water.org brings fresh water to thirsty people" contains 39 letters, one punctuation mark, and six spaces, for a total of 46 characters.