Native Creative Requirements

These creatives are very sensitive to characters for each portion. Here is what will be needed in each section.


Main Image : 1200x1200 pixels recommended (minimum 1200x627 pixels)

  • File Size: Under 1MB
  • We always suggest sending 5 - 10 images for consideration

Logo: This should be transparent and 200x200 pixels

  • PNG file
  • recommended 2 versions (light and Dark)


Short Title: Must be 25 total characters or fewer

Long Title: Must be 90 total characters or fewer

Long Description: Must be 140 total characters or fewer

Call to Action: Must be 15 total characters

Sponsor, Brand, or Advertiser name: 25 characters or fewer

Please note all character count limits include spaces.

For Example, The phrase " brings fresh water to thirsty people" contains 39 letters, one punctuation mark, and six spaces, for a total of 46 characters.