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LGBT Targeting

Below is a list of data elements available for campaigns targeting LGBT individuals, communities, and categories.

Programmatic Display, Pre-Roll Video, and Streaming TV

  • Interest Propensities > Issues & Causes > LGBT Rights
  • Charitable Contributors > Likely Donors > LGBTQ Cause Donors
  • Shopping Preferences > Fashion (men or women)
  • Fashion-lovers
  • Interest in women's fashion
  • Interest in men's fashion
  • Interest in makeup

Geo Fencing: Device ID and Microproximity

Geo Fence areas and events: Pride festivals, gay communities (West Hollywood, Chicago BoysTown, etc.), or Quick Select of Gay Bars.

Email Marketing

  • Lifestyle > LGBTQ

At this time, there are no targeting options specifically for targeting LGBTQ+ individuals, communities, and categories for the following products:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook & Instagram

Please reach out to your dedicated Account Manager if you have questions or would like to brainstorm targeting ideas for your next campaign.