How to submit product feedback?

Process for Product Feedback

Below is more info on each of the fields in the form

What is your request?: This should be the general concept of your feedback. Think of it as a title for your submission. For example, “Campaign Hub: Ability to filter orders by total budget”. 

What are you trying to achieve?: This is where you should share as much information about your request as possible. This should include any use cases and why this request would be helpful to you. For example, “I would like to filter orders by the total budget in Campaign Hub because I am able to focus on higher level spend accounts and proposals I have sent out versus smaller campaigns.”

What is your current workaround?: Let us know if you have a way to accomplish what you are requesting even if it is in a non-ideal way. If there is not a workaround, just leave this section blank. 

Files: Feel free to upload any images or screenshots you may think would be helpful for the Product team. Please be sure to not include any identifiable information in your screenshot like your name or the name of your company. 

Product Area: Please select where you would like the request to live. For example, my campaign budget filtering would live under the Orders product area. 


The portal allows you to see all of your requests, requests by other users, and the statuses of all requests. Check out this article for more info on the portal