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How to Grant Facebook Page Access

In order for us to run a Facebook campaign on behalf of the client, we must be granted access to the client's Facebook page.

How to grant Facebook page access:

  1. Provide us with the client's Facebook page URL.
  2. The user "3461 Agency" will request "Advertiser" and "Analyst" roles for the page provided to us.
  3. The client will then login into their Facebook page and go to their Business Page. Using the left-handed menus, scroll down to "Settings."
  4. In Settings, click on " Page Roles."
  5. Under "Pending Partner Requests," you will see "3461 Agency" and the permissions we have requested.
  6. Click on the "Respond to Request" button.
  7. In the new pop-up, click "Continue."

Note: You will see that our Legal Business Name and website are labeled "GENIUS, INC." Genius Inc is our social arm and means "the first." This keeps us whitelisted to your clients.

8. On the next page, confirm the access you have provided us is "Create Ads" and "View Page Performance." Then click the blue "Accept Request" button.

9. We now have access to the client's Facebook page and permission to run their Facebook campaign!