How to download an HTML attachment for Mac Users

This article walks you through how to download an HTML file attachment within a line item for a Mac user

These steps should help you download and access the HTML file from the ticketing system. If you encounter any difficulties or the platform has specific features, please provide additional details, and I'll do my best to assist you.
  1. Open the Ticket:

    • Log in to Ui.Marketing where the ticket is located.

  2. Locate and Left-Click on the HTML Link:

    • Find the link within the ticket that leads to the HTML build file.

    • Left-click on the link to open it in a new tab.

  3. Download the Page:

    • Once the HTML page is open in the new tab, you can either:

      • Right-click on the page and select the "Save As" option from the context menu.

      • Press Command + S to open the save dialog.

  4. Choose Download Location:

    • Select a location on your computer where you want to save the HTML file.

    • Click "Save" to initiate the download.

  5. Open the Downloaded HTML File:

    • Navigate to the location where you saved the file.

    • Double-click the downloaded HTML file to open it in your default web browser.

    • You may send the downloaded HTML as an attachment.