How to calculate a Display Proposal with SOV

An overview of adding SOV to a Display Proposal

The below article outlines the display proposal forecasting functionality, how it works and what the information represents

A forecast is an estimate of available impressions and devices in the target market selected over the date range of the campaign. The forecasting numbers are based on the geo-targeting locations, the behavioral and demographic targeting, the date range of the campaign, and the budget of the campaign.

We can not generate a forecast for a date range longer than 365 days!

Generating a Display Forecast

1. Create or open a display proposal

  • Forecasting is currently only available on Dominant and Competitive display products

2. Ensure your budget and targeting is set

3. Navigate to the Forecasting tab

4. Click "Generate forecast"

Please note county locations are not available for forecasting. 

Updating a Forecast

Any of the below data points will affect the forecasting that is displayed. Once you click "generate forecast" and if you make changes to any of the below, you will need to regenerate your forecast. An error will show if your forecast is out of date. 

  • Geo-Target locations
  • Campaign Start and End Date
  • Behavioral and Demographic Audience Targeting 

Note: Editing the Campaign Budget updates the SOV but it won't require you to regenerate the forecast 

Share of Voice

Share of voice is calculated by comparing the proposed impressions a campaign has against the available impressions for the data selected. The proposed impressions generated are directly correlated to the campaign budget, the more you spend, the larger share of voice you have. 

  • Formula: SOV(%) = ((proposed impressions / lowest available impressions) * 100

Click here to learn more about Share of Voice

Generating a PDF

Forecasting information can show on the PDF, but users can choose to hide it if needed. Users can also show/hide specific forecasting information if they do not want it all to show