How to add products through Custom

An overview of adding Custom products to a Proposal


The proposal tool now allows our partners to add custom products to their proposals. Whether it be adding in our affordable website products OR utilizing the 21+ Network, this section will allow you to add in your specific retail rates, campaign budget, and any additional files (ie. Geofencing locations). 

Product List: Specialized 

Inside the Proposal application, users can set up campaigns under Custom for Ui.Marketing products that don't currently live within a section of Proposals. This will allow users to add any Ui.Marketing products that may be in beta or are specific to a group of users. Below are the products that should be added through Custom.

  1. Cannabis / Tobacco Network
  2. Device ID - Cannabis / Tobacco Network
  3. 21+ Network
  4. Website products
  5. ADA Website Accessibility
  6. Addressable TV
  7. In-Marketing Email 

Step 1: Select "Custom" in the Product Bar

  • Create Proposal
  • Click on the "Custom" icon in the product bar
    • Click on "Add Campaign". This will create the campaign information form, which you will use to fill out the information

Step 2: Campaign Info

  • Campaign Name: Please put the campaign name here (ie: Bay Health Campaign)
  • Date Range: If necessary, update the date range
  • Campaign Budget: Please put in the TOTAL campaign budget
  • Campaign Description: Please add any additional information in the text box

Step 3: Save Progress or Finalize Proposal

Once you have all the necessary information added to the custom product, select either 'Save Progress,' which will save the progress you've made to the proposal, OR select 'Finalize Proposals'.

Finalizing a Proposal will still allow you to make any necessary edits. However, when you turn the Proposal into an IO, then you won't be able to make any additional edits to the Proposal.