How to add custom notes to a Proposal

An overview of adding custom notes to a proposal


The custom notes field on the proposal tool can be used to communicate selling points on the proposal as well as send information to the AdCellerant team when submitting the proposal into an order. The custom notes functionality is available on all proposal products and can be customized to meet individual campaign needs. The below article outlines the different functionality of the notes tool and how it displays on the PDF.

Notes Header


Use the pencil icon next to the "notes" header to change this to anything you would like. This header appears on the PDF as well and can be used to customize your proposal.

This is not a required field, and users can decide to include or not include this in the proposal. 

Updating the body text


Use the main text area to add any additional campaign information you would like included on the PDF or sent to the AdCellerant team when submitting an order. There is no character limit on the free text field and can be edited as many times as you would like. If you would like to completely remove the text entered, click the "x" at the top right corner of the box.

This is not a required field, and users can decide to include or not include this in the proposal.

Expanding the size of the notes field


If you want to expand the notes field to see a larger box click and drag the bacon icon at the bottom right-hand corner. Drag and drop the icon to expand the field to your desired height.

Custom notes on the proposal PDF


Once all text is entered, click "generate PDF" to see the notes added to each campaign. You will still need to save or finalize the proposal in order to save the notes to the proposal for future adjustments. For the above example, the red box shows the custom header as well as the free text added to a display campaign. 

  • Each campaign has its own text field and will be broken out by campaign on the PDF. 
  • To remove a note from the PDF, go back to the edit proposal page and remove the body text.
  • If there is no body text on the notes field, it will not display on the PDF (including the header).
  • If there are no updates made to the header, the default header will display as "Notes".

Submitting the proposal into an order

Once you submit the proposal into order, this information will be sent to the ticket to communicate with the AdCellerant team. Once the proposal has been sold, you will no longer be able to save new notes to the proposal.